Wooden house

Health Preserving

Scientific research proves :-The Pythoncidere and negativeion that excit in the
wooden house are several scour times and even several hundred times more than those existing in the reihnforced concrete in habit the diseases and improve immunity, having obvious effect in revitalizingand rehabilitating human body, improve attention, lower down the blood pressure,and stabilize the automatic serve,thus to make peoples mind at ease.
Wood can’t only absorb the ultraviolet light in the sunlight,and reduce the harm it brings to the human body,but also reflect the infrared light.

Safe & Energy Saving

The interior partition boards of wooden villas seldom need to bear the load, therefore, the interior can be designed as you like with open or traditional partition boards, and the doors and windows can be installed where it is convenient and functions , cupboard, partition boards and ward robe can blend flawlessly in with the interior space , which not only is beyond comparison,but also largely saves the costs used by furniture and realize the flexible space layout.

Generally speaking wooden house are light, settlement-resisting, anti ageing and can completely accept the geomagnetic filed. 

Low-Carbon and Environment-Protecting

Wood carries a king of natural warmth, making people fell close and pleasant. Since wood is thermal insulator, under the conditions that the thickness is the same, the insulation value of wood is16 times higher than concrete, 400 times higher than steel products & 1600 times higher than aluminium products.The insulating property of wood structure 15% to 70% better

The research of the National Laboratory in New york, America proves that only building that deserves to be called genuine green and environment protecting building is wood house, which can save 50% energy in comparison with the house made up in brick.

Comparison between the some properties of modern wooden house and the brick concrete house

Main PropertiesModern Wooden HousesBrick Concrete House

Construction Period Shop fabricated, Assembled. on site 8-12 weeks (Including Decoration) Traditional brick concrete construction method 24-36 weeks (Including Decoration)
Insulating and Energy Saving Save more then 40% heat consumption for heating in comparison with brick concrete houses The insulating and energy saving properties are relatively poor.
Earth and wind Resistance Excellent earthquakeresistant property,which goes above the national requirements (Higher than M-8) the wind pressure it can resist live upto the national requirements (wind pressure 70kg/sqm) Poor earthquake resistant property.Hardly meet the national requirements (less than M8)the wind pressure it can resist live upto the national requirements
Service Life 100 Year 50 Years