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Indian Mahogany


a) General description: The wood is reddish-brown and of coarser quality than Steam Beech. It has conspicuous rays and tiny pores, is straight grained with a fine, even texture.

b) Mechanical properties: Beech is classified as having excellent wood bending properties: it has high crushing strength, medium stiffness and resistance to shock loads. Similar in strength to Steam Beech.

c) Seasoning: The wood dries fairly rapidly and with most hand and machine tools, but with a strong tendency to warp, split and surface check. Considerable care must be taken during seasoning as it is subject to large, shrinkage, checks and discoloration in addition to warping. Once dry, there is moderate movement in service.

d) Working properties: Beech works readily with most hand and machine tools, but there is a tendency for it to bind on the saw and to burn in crosscutting and drilling. It has good nailing and gluing properties and can be stained and polished to a good finish. It is an excellent wood for turnery.

e) Durability: The heartwood is non-durable. The sapwood is subject to attack by common furniture beetle and is permeable for preservation treatment.

f) Uses: Cabinetmaking and furniture making, both solid and laminated: flooring, turnery, brush backs, vehicle bodies, interior joinery, cooperage, domesticwoodware and handles and Veneers. Its is particularly suitable for food containers as it does not impart taste or odour.

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