Lauan Red

General Description:

The heartwood colour is medium to dark red brown with conspicuous white dammar or resin streaks. Grains is interlocked; texture rather coarse. Brittleheart can be present.

Mechanical Properties:

The wood has medium bending and crushing strengths, but the stiffness factor is low and also low resistance to shock loads. Severe buckling occurs in steam bending and distortion during drying. The steam bending classification is poor.


Slower drying than light meranti, with tendency to distort and risk of splitting and checking in thicker material. There is small movement in service.

Working Properties:

Works well with hand and machine tools with only slight blunting effect on tools; sawn surface are fibrous. Nailing and screwing properties are good and the wood glues, stains and polishes well.


Sapwood liable to attack by powder post beetle. All species are moderately durable to durable, and from moderately resistant to extremely resistant to preservatives treatment.


Exterior and interior joinery, shopfitting, boatbuilding and flooring, when treated for exterior cladding and for uses in exposed situations. Otherwise same uses as for light red meranti. Rotary cut for plywood manufacturer and sliced for decorative veneers.