1. Can a wood floor be wet mopped?
No. You should never wet mop your wood floor. Standing water left after wet mopping can dull your finish, damage the wood, and leave unsightly discoloring. If you happen to spill water on your floor, clean it up as quickly as possible. If massive amounts of water leak out onto the floor, it might damage the floor to the point where it would need to be replaced.

2. My wooden flooring is cupping and buckling. Is my wooden flooring material defective?
Excessive moisture is the most common cause of buckling floors. Moisture can come from leaking pipes, wet basements or crawl spaces, plywood exposed to the elements during construction, and houses left vacant without proper ventilation. You would need to identify the source of the problem, and eliminate it. Floors can also buckle if a proper expansion gap around each wall is not used. If your floor is cupping or buckling and you cannot find the source of the problem, contact the flooring dealer you purchased your material from and ask for the appropriate solution for it.

3. How can I prevent my wooden flooring from scratching?
Many steps can be taken to help reduce scratches on a wood floor. First, you can put throw rugs down in any high traffic areas such as in entryways, in front of your sink or refrigerator, or down a highly traveled hallway. One of the best things you can do is dust, sweep or mop on a regular basis to keep any dirt or debris from collecting on the surface of the floor. You can also put felt pads under the legs of any chairs or tables.

4. Why does my Wooden floor not look like the sample in the showroom?
Although your floor should look similar to the sample in the showroom, there are certain instances when your floor might look slightly different. As a tree grows and matures, over approximately 60 years, it absorbs minerals and other essential elements, which can change the color and appearance of the wood. Even wood from the same tree can show signs of variance. For instance, "younger wood" closer to the outside of the tree will be lighter than the wood from the center portion.

5. Why should I choose a Wooden Floor?
The beautiful appearance Wooden Floors are healthy, hardwearing and warm. Wooden flooring can make a room warmer, bigger and more impressive. Wooden Flooring can also soften or darken the shade of your room. According to the property market, it makes your house more sellable.

6. How are wood floors healthier?
Wood is hygroscopic, absorbing and releasing moisture into the room, which stabilizes humidity and provides a healthier environment. Wood is a natural material and wood oils often have there own natural anti-bacterial agents. Wood floors unlike carpets do not trap and accumulate dust, chemicals or fumes nor do they become home to parasites. Carpets harbor microscopic dust mites, which can trigger asthma and allergies. Many environmental bodies recommend that in the interest of family health people consider making the switch to wooden floors. A house with wooden floors and rugs will contain only a tenth as much dust as a carpeted house.

7. How do I go about choosing the best wooden floor for my home?
The choice can be confusing; there are many species of timber with various grades and finishes. There are also different types of floor and prices vary according to species and quality. You will not be able to choose your ideal floor from a picture or a telephone conversation. Visit our showroom and see samples of the flooring available and discuss grade and finish with our sales staff and this will place you in a position to choose your floor with 100% confidence.

8. Can we use wooden flooring for indoor sports court Eg. Squash Court, basket ball court, etc.
Yes. We can install wooden flooring for indoor sports court.