American Red Oak

red oak

General Description

The heartwood resemble other oaks with a biscuit to pink colour, but has a reddish tinge. Mostly straight grained and coarse textured, with a less attractive figure than white oakdue to smaller rays. Southern red oak and is harder, heavier and coarser textured.

Mechanical properties

This timber has medium bending strength and stiffness with high crushing strength and is classified as a very good steam bending wood.


Natural tendency to dry slowly, with liability to split, check or honeycombs, and need care in both air drying and kilning. There is a medium movement inĀ  service.

Working properties

Varies according to the density of the wood and growth conditions. There is a moderate blunting effect on cutters which should be kept sharp. Nailing may require pre-boring and gluing properties are variable. Can be stained and polishes to a good finish.


the heartwood is non-durable and liable to insect attack is moderately resistant to preservative treatment the sapwood is permeable.


Flooring, furniture, vehicle construction, interior joinery. Plywood manufacturers and sliced for decorative veneers. It is unsuitable for exterior work.