American cherry

american cherry

General description:

Heartwood varies from rich red to reddish-brown, with a fine, straight, close grain with narrow brown pith flexs and small gum pockets, and with the smooth texture.

Mechanical properties

the timber has good wood bending properties. Low stiffness, and medium strength and resistance to shock loads.


Dries fairly rapidly, with little degrade if care is taken to avoid a moderately large amount of shrinkage during seasoning. There is a medium movement in services.

Working properties

The wood works easily with both hands and powerful tools with only moderate blunting effect on cutting edges. It nails, glues, stain and takes and excellent polish.


Sapwood is liable to attack by common furniture beetle, and heartwood moderately resistant to preservative treatment. The wood is moderately durable.


Pattern making, tobacco pipes, musical instruments, furniture and cabin making, high class joinery and boat interiors. Backing blocks for mounting printing plates. It is an excellent turnery and carving wood. Selected logs are converted into decorative veneers for furniture, cabinets, wall paneling, flush doors etc.